The Hidden Truth Behind Cheap Dog Food

cheap dog food

Where do you buy your dog food?

I bet most people say “At the grocery store or Walmart,” or wherever they spend most of their shopping time.  That makes sense.  Who wants to go someplace else just to buy one product?

But is that the best food for your dog?

The Hidden Truth Behind Cheap Dog Food

The hidden truth is that dogs shouldn’t be eating that stuff.

I see dogs with problems on their skin.  The dogs will scratch and nip at their skin on their feet.  Concerned owners will take their dogs into see the veterinarian.  The vet will say, “Your dog has allergies.”

Allergies to what?  Dog food, usually.

Look at the list of ingredients of your dog’s food.  If the first item isn’t meat – beef, chicken, pork, turkey, or duck – then there’s the first problem.

Don’t think that meat products are the same as meat.  They aren’t.  A meat product might include other parts of the animal that a dog wouldn’t naturally eat.

Meat Product vs. Meat Meal

A meat product could be any animal, any part, from any source.  When the meat isn’t identified, it’s even more difficult to try to determine what your dog might be allergic to.

A meat “meal” with a specific animal name, such as “chicken meal” or “duck meal” means that meat and skin from the animal were cooked down to reduce the water content, and then baked until the material is dry.  This process concentrates the protein of the meat.  It’s very healthy for dogs to get meal in their diet.

Grain Products in Dog Food?  When Did My Dog Become a Vegetarian?

No dog is naturally a vegetarian, but food scientists have discovered that some grains in a dog’s diet are very healthy.  They provide energy for the dog and some nutrients.  The science behind the addition of rice, corn or oatmeal to a dog food has to be based on a good balance for the animal, not for the company’s bottom line.  Grains are cheap fillers for dog food and are sometimes the cause of the allergic reactions.

Better Quality Dog Food Is Best

You may think you’re saving money by buying cheap dog food in bulk at Marc’s or at Sam’s Club.  If you look at the ultimate costs, you might find a surprise.

Healthy dog food with a high protein and meat percentage may actually cost less.

Why?  Because you don’t have to feed the dog as much food to satisfy their need.  Smaller, richer portions will be digested better by the dog.  The dog will be nourished by the meat and their bodies will digest more… You know what that means.  Less clean up.

I can tell if dogs are getting the right kind of food, just looking at their coats.  It’s not just the potential of allergies.  A healthy, well-nourished dog will have a great coat and clear skin and eyes.

Ready to make the change?

Changing a dog’s food isn’t a matter of just pouring the new food into the bowl.  If you have a finicky dog, try mixing the old food with the new for a few days (you can use up the old dog food this way) until you’re giving 100% of the new food.  Even if you’re just changing flavors but using the same brand, we think that the transition from one dog food to the other goes better if you serve both for a few days.

Cheap dog foodWe carry some different brands in our shop.  We don’t want to add an extra stop to buy food either!  Stop in and try a bag of Fromm’s Four Star Dog food.  It’s easy to get the food and the grooming done at the same.

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